Special sanitary napkins made from a combination of negative ions and high quality herbal ingredients with biotechnology. Very convenient to use with a thin shape, the air circulation is maintained, the surface of the pads are soft and refreshing herbal aroma. Highly recommended is used when a woman came in, evenings and during childbirth. Mr.V help problems such as inflammation, itching, moist, menstrual pain and odor.

Surface soft and thin, comfortable to use.
Chip negative ions help prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.
The content of natural herbal eliminate the odor in the vicinity of femininity.
Prevent inflammation due to fungal and bacterial infections
Has eight layers for strong absorption and maximum protection

User guide
Use the time to come in at night.

Each 1 box contains 10 pads

Registration No: 11105900113 RI Health Department PKL

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K-Link K-Sophie Overnight (Night use)

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