KI Brief underwear special men that can help improve health and create comfort, it can also prevent many problems caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses, pain in the lumbar region, but it also helps to prevent rashes and odor on your sex organs.

KI Brief contains 3 important elements in it

Negative ions

Helps prevent bacterial growth
Balancing the central nervous system
Improving blood circulation
Help improve better health

Remote infrared ray

Remote infrared rays are part of Matari rays with wavelengths of 6-14 microns.
The benefits of these rays is to help blood circulation and spleen, and increase metabolism, provide comfort and give a sense of relief in the waist area, helping to prevent rashes and can prevent odors.

Anti-bacterial fibers

Disinfectant fiber made ​​of elastic material with a high-tech biochemistry. Durable, hygienic and comfortable. Disinfectant fiber helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Elasticity providing comfort and function of anti roll upwards. Fiber also prevents odors.

The material is high-grade, making it comfortable to wear, forming part of your body for the better, fresh and add confidence.

There are three attractive colors

How to wash KI Brief
Wash in water 30º C bersuhukan down
Should not be dry
Wring slowly
May not use bleach
Should not be ironed

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KI Brief

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